Swimming With the Tide

Well, coronavirus infections are still spreading and we are now at over 100,000 in the US.

I can only thank and praise the professional health officials of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and our governors and local officials for taking quick action to manage this grave threat. I also applaud you, us, the citizens who understand the threat and have complied in doing what is necessary to stem the tide of infections. THANK YOU!

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about our presidential administration. The most prominent aspect of our president's response has been denial, late action, dismantling health agencies and reducing CDC funding, enabling the virus to take root and quickly spread. We are suffering the effects of this ill-advised behavior, but our presidential administration is only trying to take political advantage of the situation and the heroic actions out governors, local officials and health professionals.

Today, I got in the mail a postcard proclaiming "President Trump's Coronavirus Guidelines for America. The postcard quoted CDC guidelines, but gave the president the credit for them. It is appalling, for the president has issued no guidelines, but rather has denied the impact of the coronavirus spread and openly encouraged people to be in close rather than distant contact.

Nevertheless, God is on our side. We will face this challenge and overcome. Please be reminded that I remain in prayer for you, your families, and our communities.



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