A Bright Spot Ahead

Spring is here, the weather is warming and everyone is getting impatient. Quarantine is safe, but it gets boring. Additionally, with many persons laid off, financial anxiety is growing. Many persons are anxious to be out and about, back to earning money and feeling free. But an awful lot of others don't want to take chances that may make them sick, especially, since this disease has proven fatal to the young and healthy as well as the old and infirm.

Err on the side of caution, please and don't let anxiety and boredom or the feeling of independence cause you to rush out too soon. Remember, it will all work out, just give it time. Pray, meditate, get some good reading or study done. Find new ways to love your family. Discover ways to help your community from your home.

God has blessed all of us with creativity and imagination. Go for it!

Spring means gardens and one is springing up at Henderson UMC. Come, be a part of helping new life spring forth, growing food we can share with our community. Ground breaking begins soon.

Remember to visit our Resources page for more information on Covid-19, ways to stay healthy and to keep good mental health.

God loves you!

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